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Jewish engagement ring is one of the beautiful parts of the tradition.  Used to be shaped like a Temple or synagogue and potentially reaching up to four inches in height,

the rings might even have working doors, hidden compartments, or elaborate filigree patterns to represent not only the vows the couple exchanged, but also the wealth of the families and their commitment to each other.

In this Ketubah you may see creative composition that includes painting of ancient engagement ring in a form of typical ancient Jerusalem house.

The words in the circle :

״מצאתי את שאהבה נפשי״ / "I have found the one in whom my soul delights"
״קול ששון וקול שמחה קול חתן וקול כלה״ / "the sound of joy and the sound of gladness,

the voice of the groom and the voice of the bride"

 The house is protected by lions. In Judaism the lion is the symbol of the Tribe of
Judah, symbol of the imperial power. Colorful glass windows, birds and bright colors symbolize joy and happiness.

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